About the page:

This is the page of the Ecopsychology Institute from Hungary, and at the same time the very first Hungarian website dedicated to ecopsychology, aiming to synthetize the continuously growing information on this emerging field. Read more…


The book entitled The Ecopsychological Paradigm has just been released in September 2019, before the 7th International Congress of Ecopsychology! Read more…

About me:

My name is Zselyke Molnos, and I’m a biologist, ecologist and psychologist. Ecopsychology offers me the perfect possibility to synthesize my whole experience, feelings, thoughts, and degrees. It allows me to experience a responsibility that liberates by offering wholeness, and the chance that my individual joy of my everyday activities to be an integral part of the unity.

(Subtitles are available.)

Contact: molnos.zselyke@ecopsychology.hu