About this page

This is the page of the Ecopsychology Institute from Hungary, and at the same time the very first Hungarian website dedicated to ecopsychology, aiming to synthetize the continuously growing information on this emerging field.

The goals of the Ecopsychology Institute are:

  • – the promotion of awareness and psychological well-being in individuals and groups in the context of healthy relationships with the more-than-human world,
  • – the implementation of projects and interventions for a paradigm shift at individual and collective levels,
  • –  and cooperation with other organizations for the multiplication of these transformational processes.

This page is an information surface for actual events: ecopsychology conferences, workshops, presentations,  Nature Facilitator trainingsParticipative Walks and forest bathing events, Green Self-Knowledge trainings, ecopsychological counselling and ecotherapy, Playback Theatre events on ecopsychological themes, summer camps, and other events.

We had more than 90 differnet activities by now, involving more than 16oo people. Here is a list of our previous activities (not traslated yet, but it gives you a picture). Please find the founders of the Ecopsychology Institute and our partners here.

What I think ecospychology is about (subtitles are available):